What triggers your heart to suddenly feel swollen and sore temporarily. How anxiety related is this?

Panic generally. People who experience panic reactions either due to traumatic experience or anticipatory anxiety will have feelings in their chest which may include shortness of breath hyperventialtion as well as the sensation of swelling and pain.
Anxiety feeling. There is a sense of a knot in your chest and heaviness accompanied by perception of heart beating fast. But nothing is actually happening to your heart. Seek evaluation and treatment of anxiety.

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Doctors said heart and lungs are good they said muscles in chest is swollen alittle but everything is anxiety. Why do I still feel like I can't breath?

Anxiety. Stress and anxiety can make one feel short of breath but in this type, the shortness of breath occurs often at rest and not during exertion. These anxious people often take deep breaths to help them relax but their breathing is usually fine when exercising. Stress management therapy is helpful for them. Read more...