What are different types of hernia in abdomen? Would a CT with oral contrast of abdomen/pelvic show a hernia? Any kind.

Physical Exam Best. The most common hernias of the abdominal wall include the groin/inguinal region, the umbilicus, and the upper-middle abdomen. Hernias may also develop anywhere one has had an incision from prior surgery. The best way to demonstrate a hernia is by physical examination. If unclear, a ct may be helpful but it can miss hernias and, in the groin especially, may not differentiate a hernia from fat.
Imaging can help. In addition to the hernias expertly listed by dr. Rosen, there are lumbar, hiatal, internal and spegalian hernias. Depending on the physical exam, and symptoms, i will obtain this test a ct abdomen/pelvis with oral contrast on some of my patients. This scan is helpful for hernia recurrance, large ventral hernias, and difficult physical exams.