What are the signs that I have an anxiety disorder?

It depends. There are many different types of anxiety disorders. Some involve worry, others repetitive thoughts and/or actions, excessive startle or panic attacks. If you are having symptoms that you think are related to an anxiety disorder that interfere with your functioning or cause you significant distress, see your doctor for further assessment.
Anxiety Symptoms. commend you for being concerned about your Emotional Health! Reflect on: •Excessive anxiety and worrying •Apprehensive expectation •Difficulty in concentration •Too many thoughts racing •Feeling on edge •Irritability •Restlessness •Muscle tension •Difficulty falling sleep •Difficulty staying sleep •Restless sleep •Waking tired •Fatigue Anxiety is treatable with good success by Therapy a Medication.
Worrier. You worry a lot beyond normal worrying, here are some exampled of genralized anxiety disorder symptoms: your worrying significantly disrupts your job, activities, or social life. Your worrying is uncontrollable. Your worries are extremely upsetting and stressful. You worry about all sorts of things, and tend to expect the worst. You’ve been worrying almost every day for at least six months.