How do I decide whether or not to stop breast-feeding?

Weaning. The aap recommends that babies be breastfed exclusively for 6 months, and continue to receive breastmilk for up to one year or as long as both mother and baby desire. Deciding when to wean is a personal decision, but ask your pediatrician for advice if you are having trouble. If you feel like "giving up" because of problems with nursing, please ask for help from your doctor or lactation consultant.
Mom and baby factors. We recommend exclusive breastfeeding the first 6 month, br feed + solids x 12 months. Br feed may continue longer if desired by mom and baby. It's common to nurse parttime through the 2nd year. If baby loses interest, you're tired of it, it's ok to quit; but talk with your dr if you're having problems or if society is pressuring you to quit. It's a personal decision between you and baby.