Can evening primrose oil help me get pregnant?

No. There are no good studies that i could find that prove that evening primrose oil helps with fertility.
for fertile mucous. If you lack fertile cervical mucous taking epo 3, 000 mg a day form menstruation to ovulation may improve quality of mucous so the sperm can penetrate the cervix and survive. If that is not the problem it wont help. Be sure to check to see if 25-oh vit d3 is adequate. Don't take epo after ovulation .

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Why I gain weight even I'm nt a big eater. I'm 40 this year. I have try diet pills but can't work on me. Will evening primrose oil help me?

Weight gain. Simplistically, weight gain occurs when calories in exceed calories out. There's a tendency to continue eating habits developed in our youth even as out physical activity decreases due to work & family constraints. There is no evidence that evening primrose oil will help lose weight. Consider DASH, Mediterranean or vegetarian diet plus regular physical activity - avoid screen time incl TV/computer. Read more...

Will evening primrose oil help a steenager with moods?

No evidence. I wouldn't rely on evening primrose for your teen's moods. Evening primrose oil is a source of essential omega 6 fatty acid gla. There's some mixed evidence on its efficacy for treating breast pain, menopause & pms. In contrast, omega 3 fatty acids, found in fish oil, show promise in battling mood disorders. Pms may be helped slightly (poor quality data). It may interact w ssri antidepressants. Read more...

Trying to conceive for 7 months now unsuccessful- might evening primrose oil help and how do I take it? Any other natural remedies to increase odds?

Likely not. About 85% of normal couples take up to a year to conceive, so you are normal at 7 months. Evening primrose does absolutely nothing to your fertility, nor do any other 'natural remedies' increase the odds. Most doctors would be happy to help with things that do work if you make an appointment. Read more...