Zyoptix or lasik is good.?

LASIK. Lasik uses an excimer laser to reshape the cornea, allowing it to focus more appropriately. There are several companies that sell these lasers, of which zyoptix is one, and each machine has unique proprietary features. Although each laser purports to be the best at improving vision, they all achieve a similar result. More important is the skill and results of the individual surgeon.
Apples to Apples. Today, your Lasik surgeon should only offer the Wavefront guided procedure . We have now found that discount Lasik centers may offer the lower level of technology and not offer the Wavefront guided procedure. If they do not offer Wavefront guided procedure then leave. Trust me..........Do not shop the lowest priced lasik.. Do not choose low bidders for parachutes, brain surgery, or Lasik.. .
Yes. Yes. Lasik is very good for appropriate candidates. My preference is for intralase flaps and custom laser ablation with visx s4 laser.
Type of lasik. Zyoptix refers to a particular laser platform of the lasik procedure. Depending on your vision characteristics as determined by a specific preop lasik exam, zyoptix treatment may provide better quality of vision from the lasik procedure. Thoroughly discuss with your lasik surgeon.