My mother has MRSA and is taking vancomycin iv, has anyone had side effects?

Yes. There are many potential side effects and toxicities from all antibiotics. Vancomycin is generally well tolerated, but it can cause nausea , vomiting, different kinds of rashes both allergic and histamine release due to too rapid infusion. It can occasionally cause reversible kidney and bone marrow toxicity. It can cause vein irritation(phlebitis) of a peripheral IV site vein among others.
Yes. Side effects are possible with any medication. Vancomycin can cause kidney abnormality , it can cause the red person syndrome( itching, flushing of neck, face and torso) when given too fast intravenously, ototoxicity ( hearing problems), although these possibilities exist this should not deter treatment of MRSA with vancomycin, not everyone who receive vancomycin will have side effects.