Have blood in urine burning pain, lower ab pains when urinating. Is it UTI? What are the home remedies? Had laparascopic appendectomy a month ago

Cystitis. These are the symptoms of hemorrhagic cystitis. Ideally you should have a urine culture then started on an antibiotic and followed till symptoms resolve. There are no home remedies . Please see a doctor. They are definitely available where you are if you had laparoscopic appendecyomy. Good luck.Does not sound serious.
Please see a doctor- Your question is very important- though burning on urination is a symptom of a UTI, blood in the urine is not . Your concern about your reproductive tract being involved is justified -you need to talk to a doctor about other reason for the pain since other anatomical stuctures are located in the same area. When these other structures are inflammed, they can cause a similar type of symptoms.