Does anyone know the complete side effects for Azo yeast tablet?

Azo yeast tablet. Some of the components in azo yeast tablet are manufactured in a homeopathic manner, but aren't prescribed in a homeopathic way. It's being used like a generic supplement rather than as a remedy that has been specifically come to through homeopathic casetaking. Homeopathic medicines do not induce "side effects, " but occasionally can aggravate symptoms on the path towards healing. [see comment].
After reviewing this. Botanical compound on a number of sites (including the companies) was unable to find any listings of potential side effects.
Azo Yeast. This otc product is advertised as relieving yeast infection symptoms and preventing recurrence. Because it is not touted as a treatment for a medical condition it is not regulated by the fda, does not undergo rigorous testing for efficacy, and can claim all sorts of beneficial effects without documentation other than personal endorsements. Maybe works, maybe not. All you lose is money.