Treating side-effects of dexamethasone?

Avoidance. Most important is getting off the steroid - if medical condition allows, assure bone protective measures, close monitoring of blood sugar, and often second opinion.

Related Questions

Any side effects of dexamethasone suppression test?

No. No special precautions are required for the Dexamethasone suppression tests, as side effects are virtually absent, and either test can be conducted on an outpatient basis by a compliant patient. Obviously, the test cannot be performed if the patient is receiving exogenous acth or other glucocorticoids.

Wat is the side effects of dexamethasone use for long period? And what is the withdrawal effects?

Side effect. To put it simple, your mood will change, your fat issues will migrate, and your immune system will be more vulnerable. Withdrawal is when you discontinue it sharply, you might get a chance of infection/ reinfection and/or worsening of condition.

What are Decadron (dexamethasone) side effects?

Decadron (dexamethasone) With a single shot usually none. Sometimes a steroid shot makes you have insomnia or retain water. Repeated shots or pills will have the potential for many other side effects including immune alteration, changes in your appearance, worsening of glucose levels, osteoporosis etc.

What side effects from maxidex (dexamethasone)?

Cataract/glaucoma. Maxidex is a potent topical steroid, dexamethasone. If used for prolonged periods of times, generally more than a couple of weeks, it is possible to have elevated intraocular pressure which can lead to glaucoma. Even more prolonged use, months, can lead to a certain type of cataract. Be sure you are taking it as prescribed, for an important reason, and see your eye md to look for side effects.