Are there any exercises I can do to help with tmj?

YES and NO. I would not necessarily follow exercises that you may have discovered online or from friends, etc. I would go in a have a consult with a tmj/tmd specialist and be supervised in doing the types of exercises designed for your unique set of tmj/tmd circumstances.
Yes. Most people with TMJ grind their teeth, which is related to stress, so meditation and other stress reduction techniques can help. There are many exercises that can help tmj- a good place to start learning about these is http://www.Ehow.Com/how_2352238_cure-tmj-jaw-exercises.Html it may be best to see a professional orofacial myofunctional therapist- you can locate one at http://www.Iaom.Com/.
Some ideas. Good summary here:
Yes. Spray and stretch type exercises can help relieve muscle strain of the tmj... So can behavior modification such as the mantra "lips together, teeth apart." seeing a dental practitioner well versed in tmd could also help...
Relaxation. The biggest think is relaxation. When under stress and tension, the muscles in the TMJ area pull on the various structures in the area. Relaxing and reducing stress is the best thing.
Of course. Regular, slow, gentle TMJ exercises will relieve many of the symptoms associated with TMJ and may help increase jaw mobility and healing. It is important to appreciate that the TMJ is very complex and therefore all exercises should be done only with your doctor’s approval.
Yes. Place your tongue on the roof of the mouth, rested behind your top front teeth. Open your mouth slowly, taking notice in any sideways movement of your teeth. Once you open it to the largest you can without any strain, close it, looking for the same lateral movements.If there are any, do the exercise slower.