Now that Fosamax and boniva (ibandronate) are suspected of bad side effects on the person's jaw what is being prescribed?

Risk/Benefits. The incidence of the jaw problem or avascular necrosis is still a rare but i agree a know side effect. The studies do show the fracture reduction by the drugs you mentioned still appear to outweigh the risk to the jaw. If you know you may need major dental work it would be helpful to get that done before starting certain medications.

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What side effects can you experience from Fosamax or boniva (ibandronate)?

Fosamax/Boniva. Before taking either of those meds you should go online and learn about those two drugs. Yes, some wording will be hard to understand but there is always material designed for patients. Basically each of the above drugs are OK for almost all patients needing treatment for the bones. Read more...