Can oxiconazole nitrate cream treat athletes foot?

That is what. Oxiconazole (oxistat) is designed for. It is a fungistatic medication as opposed to others which are fungicidal.

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How does oxistat (oxiconazole nitrate cream) treat athletes foot?

It is an. Antifungal agent. The different classes of antifungals work differently withtheend result of killing the fungus by attacking it in various methods.

Hi how about the metaconazole nitrate is 100% surely good cream medicine 4 athletes foot or conbiderm steriod cream. Pls explain thanks?

No cortisone. Don't put a cortisone cream on an athletes foot infection- try otc antifungals, for 2 weeks if not improved you will need an rx. You need to apply it for 2 weeks- don't stop prematurely. You need a cream that kills fungus, cortisone doesn't do that.

My athletes foot still in my foof im using canesten and miconazole nitrate but still nothings change. Whats the best medicine cream for athletes foot?

There are many. If off the shelf meds are not working then you need to see a podiatrist to make sure that it is an athletes foot infection or for a prescription med.

Hi its good to treat warm watet or little hot to athletes foot because im always using cream but nothings change thanks?

Perhaps. It isn't fungus then.....Water doesn't get rid of fungus. If it is fungus you might need to try a different cream, and if that doesn't work then as stated earlier maybe its not fungus.
Myths. Warm, tepid, or hot water will not in any way treat fungal infection. If the cream or spray or powder or ointment are not helping then there is a prescription pill to get and take.

Hi I have a athletes foot its okay im using floucinonide cream for my af cause its cheaper cream like the other cream thanks?

Athletes foot. Using cheaper creams is fine - but keep in mind that there is significant bioavailability and the actualy effective drug may vary between the different products. If you are using a cheaper product I would also suggest that you use an athletes foot powder as well.

Hi floucinonide cream is really good cream medicine to athletes foot or not., thanks?

Symptoms. Yes, it's appropriate to treat some symptoms of athlete's foot, but it does not treat the pathology (fungi infection). It will reduce redness and itchyness to the feet, but the fungus may still be present. Good luck.

Docs, what's a good strong athletes foot cream?

To start with... The best otc medication (in my opinion) is lotrimin (clotrimazole) ultra. Socks should be a synthetic material like those manufactured by thorlo [http://www. Thorlo. Com/]. Dilute vinegar soaks are good as well. Dry the inside of your shoes by placing them up-side down over an air return vent at home overnight. If this doesn't make things better in a couple days, see a podiatrist.