What is nasal endoscopy?

Camera on a stick. Endoscopy is simply using a camera on a "stick" to look into a body cavity. This can be on a rigid scope for nasal endoscopy or laparoscopy or a flexible scope used for diagnosis and sometimes treatment - colonoscopy.
Nasal endoscopy. Nasal endoscopy is a diagnostic evaluation of the inside of your nose and sinuses with a specialized lighted instrument called an endoscope.

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What is a nasal endoscopy? Nasopharyngoscopy?

Endoscopy. Diagnostic usage of a rigid or flexible scope to examine the nasal airway and/or the upper portion of the pharynx (nasopharynx) for lesions, source of infection, palatal function, Eustachian tube areas, presence of lymphoid tissue, polyps, cyst, etc.

How big is the light or scope in nasal endoscopy?

ENT scope. 2.5 to 4 mm, about the size of a qtip. It feels about like getting your teeth cleaned - momentarily painful, but tolerable. Call your local ENT doctor. See also www. Richmopndsinusandallergy. Com.

What is the definition or description of: nasal endoscopy?

Telescope for nose. Nasal endoscopy is performed for an in depth examination of the nasal cavity. It is performed when an endoscope, or a sort of telescope whether flexible or rigid, is placed into the nose for the exam. Most often performed by an otolaryngologist.
Nasal endoscopy. Nasal endoscopy is examination of the sinus and nasal cavity using a scope. The scope can either be flexible or a rigid (metal). The scope is inserted into each nostril and it allows good visualization of the septum to see if there is a deviation all the way inside. You can check the opening of the sinuses to see if there are any infections, tumor growth scar tissue. Also the pharynx.

Will nasal endoscopy be painful for my daughter?

Maybe. For routine trans-oral endoscopy, sedation is routinely offered. Transnasal endoscopy is an alternative where the viewing tube is tiny enough to pass through the nose. In the latter case, sedation may be deferred. Keep in mind the test lasts only 3-5 minutes. Talk with her doctor about what sedation options she can have at the center where her test will be performed.

Will it be painful for my two and a half year daughter to have a nasal endoscopy?

Not really. There will be potentially some kicking and crying, but in reality there is no significant pain, but rather a strong unfamiliar discomfort. She probably will not be a huge fan of the procedure, but it should not be traumatic.

Are allergists trained to do a nasal endoscopy?

Some. Nasal endoscopy is a safe and usually quick procedure using a flexible fiberoptic scope to evaluate the nose/throat done by some allergists and all ENT doctors. Allergists typically don't take biopsies or use a rigid scope. More allergists are being trained in this procedure. Before you decide, ask the provider "how many of these have you done? ".