How does octreotide work?

Cyclic octapeptide. Works by counter-acting growth hormone, glucagon, and insulin. It mimics a natural hormone called somatostatin. Because of how it works, it is used for the management of acromegaly, carcinoid syndrome, and it can be used to treat diarrhea associated with certain tumors.
Octreotide. It inhibits glucagon, growth hormone & insulin, hence it is used for acromegaly & carcinoid syndrome & to treat diarrhea in some intestinal tumors. It is a depot injectable drug.

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What is the chemo drug octreotide? How does it work?

Hormone, not chemo. Hi. Octreotide is a synthetic analog of the hormone, somatostatin (NO relationship to a "statin" drug). "Chemo" usually refers to some toxic anti-metabolite that leads to arrest of cell division and/or cell death. Octreotide does not do that. Octreotide reduces hormone secretion from various cell types: insulin from beta cells, glucagon from alpha cells, serotinin from carcinoid tumors, & others. Read more...
Somtatostatin analog. This mimics somatostatin. A peptide hormone secreted by the pancreas. its job is to antagonize other pancreatic hormones.So think of it as a synthetic somatostatin. It is given as injections in the skin and used to treat different kinds of endocrine tumors. In oncology it is known for its use against carcinoid ( serotonin secreting tumors) and chemotherapy induced diarrhea. Read more...