What do cancerous jugulogastric nodes feel like? I'm scared I have cancer. Mine is 1/4 size of pencil eraser. Tongue and jaw pain. TMJ dx.

Get seen. It's unlikely that this is cancer but you should not have to tolerate TMJ / unexplained pain like this.
Swollen nodes. one cannot tell definitively just by feeling. the nodes may be firm to hard and fixed to structures around it. please visit a physician as soon as possible to get your health and these symptoms further evaluated in a timely fashion.
TMJ-TMD. TMJ disorder is the second most frequent cause of orofacial pain after dental pain. The common symptom are: jaw pain, earache and headache. Proper diagnosis and cancer screening is the key for the successful treatment. This disorder will not resolve on its own with home care. See an orofacial pain specialist for evaluation and treatment. Check site for OFP near you: http://www.aaop.org/ .
Get it checked. Almost assuredly not cancer. However, you should have your MD evaluate it to put your mind at ease.