How many shots like novocaine do they give for wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth. Extraction should be done by oral surgeon. They are better, quicker, and the only dentist who can do IV sedation, so you don't get novocaine shots. Iv sedation = less pain & faster surgery & less bleeding. How many novacaine shots? As much as needed. Ouch.
Can Vary. Today we use Lidocaine mostly... The number of injections depends on the patient and the type of extractions; impacted, partial bony, bony, or ankylosed. A surgeon's skill, touch & the way they do a surgery can make a difference. Great hands can lead to a very quick and clean surgery which can take less time with fewer injections. Our team uses anti-anxiety pre-medication, which can help.
Depends. The number of local anesthetic injections you receive will depend on the number of teeth to be removed as well as the success of the injection. If you have four wisdom teeth to be removed in four different areas of your mouth, you will require injections in the four areas. Some patients after receiving the initial injection (s) may require additional injections.

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Help docs! I had six novocaine shots today because I was going to get my wisdom teeth removed but it didn't end up happening?

Did not get numb? Did you not get numb? If not check into vitamins and supplements you may have taken before procedure. Vitamin c can block anesthetic. Most dentists use a different anesthetic, it may not have been novocaine. Check to see what exactly was used. Nerves can also block anesthetic, as your body chemistry is different than when you are relaxed.
It will pass. The anesthesia will pass. Be careful not to chew your cheek / tongue / lips in the meantime. May take up to 8 hours to wear off. Good luck.

Can you tell me about wisdom teeth pulled done by novocaine or lidocaine?

Common Procedure. Novocaine or Lidocaine are one of several types of local anesthetics administered to anesthetize or numb the areas where the teeth are to be removed. Many patients have wisdom teeth surgery just with local anesthesia and do well. You will be able to feel the sensation of pressure and be fully aware of the procedure, but should not feel any pain (sharp sensation).

Is it painful to get wisdom teeth pulled with only nitrous and novocaine and no IV sedation?

No. I routinely use only local anesthetic. The reasons for using IV sedation are anxiety/pain control, administration of steroids to control swelling and, possibly, for access to a vein for administration of emergency drugs if the patient has health complications. Nitrous controls anxiety and offers some pain control. The real control of pain and anxiety is informed consent and local anesthesia.
Extraction. With good block local anesthesia you will feel no pain during the extraction, but unfortunately you will remember the experience. Under general anesthesia you will have no memory of the extractions. You will have some pain with both after the numbing goes away. Don't let that stop you. You are in good hands.