Why do I have a lot of blood in my urine and no kidney stones or infections?

Hematuria. That doesn't go away and it is not due to obvious reasons like infection or passing a kidney stone needs further investigation - ct scan/ cystoscopy. You need to see a urologist and be aware not all dark colored urine means blood in the urine.
Blood in urine. This requires evaluation - blood in urine may indicate a bladder problem or a kidney cyst or a glomerulohephritis or interstitial nephritis problem. Urine analysis for protein and urine exam with microscope is essential; then ultrasound if not done already is essential - unless the CT scan you mention was of kidneys. This is not normal and indicates disease of your urinary system somewhere.

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Went to ER for severe lower right ab pain and back pain. Dr said I had kidney stone and hematuria. Did urine and blood tests only but no cat scan, why?

See answer. Though symptoms and u/a may be suggestive, one cannot reliably make the diagnosis of a kidney stone without some type of an imaging study (kub, ultrasound, ct) with a non-contrast ct scan being the most accurate and reliable imaging study to determine the presence, location, and size approximation of a stone as well as to potentially rule out other causes of pain and hematuria. Read more...