As a baby I had surgery because I had craniosynostosis. I am now 17 years old and my skull is now deformed. I'm just curious if there is anyway to fix?

Plastic and ... Reconstructive surgery. Plastic surgeons have at their disposal an entire palate of ways to change the shape of the skull. It is clearly on your mind and there fore worth investigating. Check with the local Craniofacial Panel which is established in nearly every state. At 17 you may still fall under pediatric guidelines and as a revision to a prior surgery and may be considered "NOT" cosmetic.
It's possible, but. The surgery is quite involved and needs to be done by an expert in this area, best by a craniofacial surgeon. Some plastic surgeons and some neurosurgeons may be able to do it, but double check their experience and training with it. Results are certainly not guaranteed and your insurance may say it is cosmetic and may not cover it.