Hi! If I will use braces to pull back my upper teeth then it will gonna make me ugly? B'coz my lips are heavy nd lower jaw is smaller to upper jaw

Ortho Consult. Unfortunately you really can't get a good answer to your questions and concerns over the internet. You need a proper evaluation including photos, clinical exam, diagnostic models of your teeth, cephalometric x-rays by a qualified Orthodontist. All your questions can then be answered properly and accurately. Proper Orthodontic treatment aims to improve bite, function and aesthetics.
Adult Rx. Adult treatment differs slightly from treatment of a growing child. In kids we can reposition bones as well as teeth. In adults treatment is limited to repositioning teeth with jaw surgery sometimes required. Please see an Orthodontic Specialist for an initial examination (usually free or low cost). Orthodontist can evaluate your malocclusion and discuss treatment and treatment goals.