Is it safe to take policosanol when taking lescol (fluvastatin)?

Should be. Policosanol is a herbal medicine allegedly helpful in treating cholesterol related problems, just as Lescol (fluvastatin) is;i am not aware of any problems associa ted with the combination;but then policosanol has not been that well studied in this country, so the answer is uncertain;it could, conceivably potentiate statin side effects, such as heoatotoxicity as well as mypathies so caution is recommended.

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Can you take policosanol while also taking lescol (fluvastatin)?

Yes. Policosanol is an Insulin sensitizing agent, used for Insulin resistance syndrome, or pre-diabetes, and raises the HDL or good cholesterol, while lowering LDL bad cholesterol. The only interaction seems to be with levodopa, used for treating parkinson's disease.