How long is antibiotic treatment?

Depends. Antibiotic treatment varies greatly depending on the disease being treated and the antibiotic of choice. Treatments can vary from one day (ie z-max for otitis) tto months for conditions such as osteomyelitis.
Depends. It varies depending on the condition it is being used for and the location of the infection, and the bacteria involved. Also the antibiotic being used. For some situations5 days is adequate, while for others, a month may be needed. Remember, antibiotics should only be taken when necessary to fight bacterial infections. They do not kill viruses!

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How long after the antibiotic treatment is over should you wait to redo the lab test to see if you still have an ureaplasma ureticulum infection?

No set time. The more important question is- Are your symptoms resolved? If so, there is no reason to repeat the test. However, if your symptoms of infection still exist after 24 hr of starting an antibiotic, then you should re-evaluated by your prescribing physician and if need be, retested.. Read more...