Who treats sinusitis?

Sinusitis. Hello. Any doctor or physician extender such as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant can treat sinusitis. An ENT doctor is a specialist in sinonasal disorders who can treat sinusitis with aggressive medicine or possibly with surgery.
Many. Your primary care doctor can treat sinusitis as well as an allergist. An ENT surgeon can treat you as well and at times may recommend surgery if you meet indications... More than 4 infections per year or evidence of chronic sinusitis.
Several physicians. Several types of physicians can treat sinusitis. They include your primary doctor (family medicine, general internist, pediatrician, etc.) in addition to an allergist/immunologist or an otolaryngologist (ent physician).
ENTs. Ear, nose and throat surgeons do most often. If you're planning to see one though make sure very experienced in nose and sinus surgery like balloon sinuplasty and endoscopic sinus surgery. For more information visit www.socalsinus.com.
ENT doctor. Although any primary physician can diagnose and treat acute sinusitis, an ENT doctor is usually better to treat long standing chronic sinusitis.