Painful, itchy rash on palms of hands & soles of feet, followed shortly by acute infection of 1 eye (treated) but rash persists. Herpes Zoster?

Not Zoster. Pustulosis palmaris et plantaris. Dyshidrotic eczema. Pompholix. Psoriasis. Id reaction. See a dermatologist for diagnosis and therapy.

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My 3yr old has an itchy rash on palms of hands and soles of her feet. Maiy itchy at night. What could it be? Thanks

Multiple causes. The most common rash in her age group on the palms and soles is eczema but other possibilities include fungal infections and variations of psoriasis or a few rare conditions. Use only unscented soaps for handwashing and see a physician to see if a topical steroid cream is needed to treat the rash. Read more...