How can u tell if your muscles are wasting away or its just weight loss I've had painless muscle twitching in my callves for 3 months on and off?

Muscle twitching. Muscle twitching has a variety of causes that range from inadequate nutrition, electrolyte abnormalities, medication side-effects, and some rare pathological entities. Most causes of muscle twitching are benign. As people diet, muscle can be metabolized too and lead to muscle wasting. See your medical doctor for evaluation.
Could be an issue. Hello, If you have had painless muscle twitching this does suggest a possible neurologic disease. Electrolyte abnormalities such as calcium or potassium abnormalties are also in the diagnosis. The muscle wasting needs to be evaluated very soon. Patient's can lose muscle mass with dieting but it would have to be a severe protein restricted diet. Please see your primary or a neurologist soon.