What are sublingual glands?

Salivary glands. There are three sets of salivary (spit/saliva) glands. The parotid (in front of both ears), the submandibular (just under the mandible on both sides) and the sublingual (under both sides of he tongue).
Salivary gland. They are some of the salivary glands. They are located under the tongue in the jaw. They secrete mucus and digestive enzymes that begin digesting food as soon as you start chewing.

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I was wondering what are sublingual glands/salivary glands?

Make spit. These are the smallest of the major salivary glands and are located under the tongue. They are almond-sized in most people and make watery saliva when you eat.
Sublingual glands. The sublingual glands are major salivary glands in the mouth. It is the smallest, most diffuse, and the only unencapsulated major salivary gland. It provides only 10% of the total salivary volume.

What if the sublingual gland is swollen but there is no pain and it has been enlarged for most of my life?

Get an exam. Sublingual gland or submandibular gland? I would recommend an exam by an ENT before telling you this is nothing. Something that has been there for years and nonchanged is likely nothing to be concerned about, but I would feel better having seen it first. The submandibular glands should feel about the same size and consistency on both sides. It is not normal to be able to see a sublingual gland.

Why has my sublingual glands been swollen without pain for most of my life?

What is normal size? Size of everything on the body differs from person to person. This could be your heritage or perhaps a residual from earlier trauma or infection. As long as this is not progressive it is probably your normal size.

My sublingual glands feel inflamed and I occasionally find it difficult to swallow, eat and drink?

Difficult to swallow. May be reflux/ GERD. Avoid alcohol, smoking caffeine, energy drinks, elevate head of bed a night with pillow under mattress. Try ranitidine / previcid for a month. Check for strep infection. Consider food intolerances, gluten, milk, soy, eosinphilic esophagitis (inflammation of esophagus with esoinophils- may be alleegic), strictures. F/u/ w/ doc.

Why is my sublingual glands on the left under the tongue swollen but no pain? Secondly have painless swellings inside the cheeks swollen?

Oral surgeon. Hard to say without exam. See oral surgeon ASAP to determine cause/and to treat.
Swelling in mouth. I would recommend you see a dentist or oral surgeon to have these swellings checked. You may have a blockage on the duct, it may be an abscessed tooth or something that needs to be addressed.
Need exam. You need to be seen by a Dentist to answer your questions. There are many possible reasons for swollen glands. Can also be from infected teeth or gums. Please see your Dentist.

I realized that I have 2 abscesses on my gums and made an appointment. My sublingual glands have a white color and am worried. What could this be?

Infected/Blocked. It could be an infected or blocked salivary gland. If blocked, it might be as simple as opening the duct that allows flow of saliva into your mouth. If infected, it will need to be determined if the gland itself became infected or if it is from an abscessed tooth and treat with antibiotics and appropriate treatment for the primary cause of infection.

Why is my Sublingual glands on the left side swollen? Am diagonised with HSV1? And have started feeling like pain in the throat. What is the cause?

Oral surgeon. HSV1 is a rare but recognized cause of swollen and infected salivary gland. Because you also have throat pain, probably a good idea to seek examination by an ENT doc if symptoms persist beyond a few days or worsen.