4 courses abx 4 sinus inf: 1 yr. Neg sinus CT in feb. Frequent nasal congestion/facial pain. Sprays/decong cause nosebleeds. Sinus surgery an option,?

Possible. Depending on the anatomic predisposition to the recurrent sinus infection. Hopeful your ENT will review the CT scan with you.
Not an option. Recurrent sinusitis is common, mostly viral in origin and not an indication for surgery. Antibiotics won't help. CT scans are abnormal in 90% of patients with true chronic sinusitis. Evidence suggests that nasal lavage can help reduce symptoms of acute sinusitis. Consult with your physician to see if an allergy to dust mites, pollen or other allergy is contributing to your symptoms.
Allergies? Have you been tested for allergies? Sometimes these will cause recurrent nasal congestion and pressure. If allergy tests negative, you may benefit from sinus surgery to open things up. Try using saline nasal spray or wash using a neti pot. Good luck!
ENT and/or allergy. Because your CT is negative, your problem is probably your nose. Nasal bleeds with nasal sprays is a side effect, but may also be the result of wrong technique. Your symptoms can be explained by allergic or non-allergic rhinitis. You should see an ENT surgeon, and if there is no significant lesion or severely deviated nasal septum, see a board-certified allergist as well.
ENT doc. See the sinus specialist - ENT doc, for proper assessment/recommendations.