Are flarex (fluorometholone) eye drops mild?

Depends. This depends upon what you mean is 'mild'. Flarex (fluorometholone) drops are a steroid less potent than some others. This means its primary effect is not the strongest and it s incidence of side effects is lower than the strong ones. It is a useful drop which your ophthalmologist no doubt has prescribed for good reasons.

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I'm wondering are flarex (fluorometholone) eye drops really mild?

Not necessarily. Steroid eye drops, no matter what the potency, are NEVER mild medications! I ALWAYS recommend a carefully thought out management protocol for patients prescribed steroid eye drops. Blindness, infections, ulcerations, & glaucoma are just a few of the serous complications that can occur with negligence.

What are flarex (fluorometholone) eye drops for?

Anti-inflammatory. This is a brand name of a steroid anti-inflammatory drop. It is effective and the next thing below the most powerful in effect. Your ophthalmologist has prescribed them because you have a steroid sensitive inflammation of your eye and will monitor the efficacy with you to see if it is working.

My doctor gave me flarex (fluorometholone) eye drops for my eye inflammation. Hesteroid. Are these safe?

If used properly. Flarex (fluorometholone) is a topical steroid for use with steroid-sensitive eye inflammation. Follow the directions for use as provided by your doctor. Report back to your doctor if NO improvement is seen after the first 48 hrs. Do not discontinue use prematurely. Notify your doctor if you have a history of glaucoma.

Will fluorometholone eye drops exacerbate conjunctivitis?

Maybe. Fluorometholone drops are inflammatory steroids. Used acutely, they can suppress inflammation dramatically. If used for extended periods, they can cause cataracts or glaucoma but the one concern is rebound conjunctivitis from sudden withdrawal of steroids.
It can. Steroids can sometimes worsen viral infections. Can combine antibiotics with steroids during treatment. Otherwise should help conjunctivitis.

Does fluorometholone eye drops weakens bone?

No. There is not enough systemic absorption of this relatively weak steroid, to cause any bone changes.

Please tell me, are fml (fluorometholone) corticosteroid eye drops vasoconstrictors?

No. No, FML (fluorometholone) is a steroid. Fml (fluorometholone) decreases inflammation that can improve redness, but it is not a vasoconstrictor.

Any side effects with fluorometholone eye drops?

Steroid side effects. As with all steroid eye drops there can be side effects. The most common are formation of cataracts and an increase in intraocular pressure leading to glaucoma. Also there is an increase in possible infections in the eye. These side effects are dependent upon the concentration and duration of the steroid. Fml (fluorometholone) is considered a weak steroid and has a smaller risk for side effects.

Was using FML (fluorometholone) eye drops, Bion tears at same time for inflammed eye. Told to stop after a week, eye is no better. Can 2 eye drops be used at same time.

Yes, wait 10 min. Yes, 2 different eye drops can be used around the same time, but wait at least 10 minutes between one dose and the next. Also, if your eye is no better after a week on the above drops you need to call your eye doctor and arrange for a follow up visit to see why you're not getting better. Do this ASAP.