Is tramadol a narcotic? People say its like morphine but honestly IV had morphine and this feels nothing like a narcotic? Di

It is. a synthetic opioid and is a controlled substance in many stated in the US.
Tramadol's an opioid. First of all, narcotic has a vague definition in medical terminology. Both tramadol and morphine are considered opioid analgesics (i.e. pain killer). It works like morphine by binding to mu-opioid receptor for pain relief. However, the potency of tramadol is about 1/10th of morphine. Tramadol has additional properties as a serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor which also relieves pain,
Yes. Tramadol is considered a mild narcotic in the US and controlled by many states. It is similar to codeine in pain relief in most people. Morphine is a strong opioid derived from the opium in poppyseeds. Codeine metabolizes into morphine in the body.