Am on oral meds for sugar fasting is in range while PP is high. Why does it happen and can it be controlled if dosage is looked into. Thanks.

Poss med adjustment. There are a number of different oral medications for diabetes and each works in a unique manner. If you are having elevated post prandial sugars on you current regimen, you should talk to your doctor about adjusting your medications. Much depends on the overall control which is measured by the Hgba1c test. It also depends on how high the post prandial blood sugars are. Please see your doc.
Post pyranidal is . usually high but if your overall control is good including your HGBA1C it may be okay. Reduce high glycemic index carbs in your diet will help.
Well... Yes it can be controlled Your two hour post prandial should not be over 150 Talk to your Dr. It may be you need medications adjusted. Do not panic, it is not an emergency.