Vaginal birth possible after C-section and tummy tuck?

Yes, VBAC . Not all hospitals or doctors offer VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C/S). However some do. I would recommend making an appointment with an OBGYN to discuss if you're a candidate for this procedure. There are some rIsks and you have to determine if your benefits outweighs your rIsks. .
YES. referred to as VBAC. however, not all OBGYNs are in favor of this .

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Is it possible to have a tummy tuck right after birth with C-section while numb and spinal are active? Or would that be to much trama to the body?

No tummy tuck. Right after delivery the abdominal wall is very lax and may even be droopy. With intervening time, the muscles which have been stretched regain strength and the flabby wall regains most of its normal configuration. Tummy tuck soon after delivery would not be advisable, but abdomen should be checked by surgeon 6 or more months post partum. Read more...
I would wait. Your tissues are very different during pregnancy and the best tummy tuck will be when your abdominal wall is more normal. I have do e a couple at special request from nurses I work with and have not been as happy with the outcome as I normally am. Also that is a time when you will and need to be focused on the baby not the recovery from a tummy tuck. Read more...