I have an avulsion of the distal fibula fracture due to a high ankle sprain. What is the the common treatment for this type of injury?

Depends. If the fracture is displaced it may need surgical fixation. If its not displaced then bracing for 6-8 weeks minimum and then return to rehab until fully healed. It can take several month to get full healing. Other options include possible platelet or stem cell based therapies that may help healing faster/more fully. Check out Regenexx.Com.

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For over 2 months now I have been dealing with an avulsion distal fibula fracture and syndesmotic rupture....why cant I move my ankle up and down?

Motion limited. If you had surgery to address the syndesmotic injury. There's usually a screw placed across the joint to stop motion and it's removed 3-6 months after correction. If you didn't have surgery then that ligament has scar tissue limiting the motion. . Read more...