How do I apply erythromycin into the eyes of my newborn?

Good technique. If you are unable to open the eyes to put in the drops or ointment, then an effective technique is to apply it to the inner (nasal) corner of the eye while the infant is on his/her back. Then just wait and eventually the eyes will open and the drop will flow into the eye itself.
Tug the skin. A thumb placed on the cheek bone near the eye can be used to pull the skin of the lower lid down while the other hand is used to apply the thin ribbon of medicine to the lower lid. As it falls back into place, the med spreads on its own.

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How do I apply erythromycin into the eyes of my newborns eyes?

Apply while sleeping. Apply the ointment while sleeping and when they wake up it will have absorbed mostly. Read more...
Create a shelf. Put your thumb on one cheek and tug the lower eyelid down.Place a small ribbon of the Erythromycin in the grouve between the lower lid & eyeball. Do the same for the other eye. You are done. Normal blinking by baby will spread the med. Read more...