My husband has a large soft mass above his hairline. It is sore. He wont go to the doc. What concerns me it is near his earlobe?

Need more info. This could be benign or a malignancy. Hard to say without an exam & more info. Please use your feminine persuasion as his wife to convince him to see a dermatologist very soon. Most likely if I were to guess is that it is a benign sebaceous cyst that will not go away on its own. If I am correct it is a simple bit of surgery to remove. Don't play Russian roulette. Get him to the specialist.
Enlarged Lymphnode. It sounds like an enlarged Lymph Node it could mean an infection anywhere in the Head Ear, nose throat or something more ominous like a lymphoma. Please reason with him that for the well-being of thelumph whole family he must have it looked at my the doctors.