Atenolol vs enalapril maleate. Which is better?

It depends. It really depends on the medical history of the patient. Both are anti hypertensives, but they work in different ways. For people with diabetes, Enalapril may be a better choice, while those with heart disease are often on either or both of those medications. Efficacy wise, each patient responds to the medicines a little different, so it really depends on the patient.

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Will take atenolol vs enalapril maleate-- which one is better wrt side effects and prolong use?

Blood pressure meds. It us difficult to compare one class if medications to another as the more important aspect is therapeutic effect to lower blood pressure is more important plus the side effects occur in a minority of patients who take any meds approved by fda. Otherwise the drugs would not be approved for use. Read more...

Is it okay to take edta capsules (400 mg) be taken with enalapril maleate capsules (20 mg)?

Not recommended. There is no medical evidence that taking edta is useful for any cardiovascular disease. It should be used only under medical supervision for problems of heavy metal overload or poisoning. Read more...