All say its tonsil stone/food particles traping from yellowish exudate in my tonsil. So why my right jaw lymph node is swell when I go this condition?

Infection. Although the food particles may be present and cause a bad odor, do not forget that you may also have inflammation in the tonsillar tissue because there are bacteria adjacent to the food particles. The jaw lymph node is swollen most likely because you have inflammation in the tonsil and the lymph node is the first immune tissue preventing the infection from spreading further. Consider removal.

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All say it could be tonsil stone/ food particles traping in tonsil so yellowish exudate comes from it. I wana know so why my right jaw lymph node swell?

Tonsil stones. These are common and if they bother you, you shouldn't have to tolerate it. If you're resourceful, you can remove these yourself with a mirror, penlight, and half-unbent paper clip, or your physician can remove them easily. An ENT can perhaps laser-resurface your tonsils -- ask. Almost every young adult has at least one palpable lymph node in the head-and-neck region, often along the jawline. . Read more...