I had a bone density test and it said I have generalized skeletal osteopenia. I'm a little worried I'm 56 years old. Is bone loss common at my age?

Bone loss is. accelerated after menopause,. Bone scans are not typically done at this age. Assuming you have no hormonal deficiencies - ie thyroid , you should be taking at calcium and vitamin d. You should exercise, eat a balanced diet, Only your Doctor can decide if you needed a prescription medication and is common in women (and men) as we age.
Common . Hi. Yes, osteopenia is common in women your age. Osteopenia is a category in between normal and osteoporosis based on bone density measurement. With osteopenia, your fracture risk is higher than if your bone density for your age and gender were normal. Get adequate calcium and vitamin D. There are drugs approved to prevent osteoporosis in postmenopausal women with osteopenia. Fall prevention helps.
Yes. Everyone experiences bone loss to a greater or lesser degree as they age. In women, due to hormonal changes, it accelerates after menopause. Osteopenia is decreased bone density, but not to the degree of osteoporosis. Speak with your doctor, there may be lifestyle modifications that will help with your bone density, and possibly medications, depending on your clinical situation.

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Bone density test showed I had osteopenia couple of years age. Since test I've had spine surgery with instrumentation. Can I get another test done?

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