Are you affected by digitek (digoxin)?

Digitek (digoxin) effect. Please repeat your question as it is not clear what you are asking.

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Is digitek the same as digoxin?

Digitek (digoxin) This is a brand of digoxin which is sold by prescription. There are other brands and even generic digoxin and there have not been any problems with the generic digoxin.

Is it easy to od on digitek or digoxin?

Yes. Yes they are tricky meds, with a small difference between not enough and too much (called a small therapeutic index).
Digoxin. It is very easy to overdose on digoxin. Different people have different sensitivity so that a dig level doesn't always tell you a lot except that there's likely too much drug in the patient. For the paitent it is very important to take the drug as prescribed and no more.

What are the effects of digitek (digoxin)?

Effect of digitek (digoxin) Digitek (digoxin) is a type of digitalis medication that is used mainly for cardiac conditions, especially to strengthen the heart in heart failure situations. It has many effects.

Please describe the medication: digitek (digoxin)?

Digitek (digoxin) This is a branded form of digoxin or digitalis which is a medicine used to regulate heart rate. Most often to control heart rate in patients with atrial fibrillation. On occasion it is used to improve contractility or pumping in patients with heart failure. It was obtained from the digitalis or foxglove plant.
Digitek (digoxin) Digitek is one of the generic versions of the drug digoxin. Digoxin is one of the many compounds found in the foxglove plans. Digoxin is used to improve the symptoms of congestive heart failure and is also used to treat atrial heart arrhythmias.