What is candida yeast?

Type of yeast. Candida is the scientific name for a group of yeasts. There are sub types like albicans, glabrata and more. Yeasts are a type of fungus. So in other words, candida is a type of fungus as opposed to bacteria/viruses. Hope that helps!
Candida, . Most commonly candida albicans, is a yeast found in the oral, gi, and vaginal tract.

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What probiotic is good for candida yeast gnc 50 ultra 50 probiotic complex or gnc multi strain probiotic conplex 10 billion cfus? Plz suggest me thx.

Probably won't help. No probiotic is likely to be effective in treating a yeast infection. If that's what you have, you need treatment with a proper anti-yeast antibiotic. However, if you're talking about "systemic" candidasis, it's an urban myth; there is no such thing, and no treatment makes any difference. Discuss with a scientifically trained physician. Good luck!

What are thrush, candida, cystitis and yeast infection?

Thrush. Thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth. Candida is the name of the yeast. Cystitis is a bladder infection, which could be a viral infection, bacterial infection or a yeast infection. Yeast infection just means that you have an infection from yeast and it could be just about anywhere. Vaginal yeast infections and oral (mouth) yeast infections do tend to be the most common, but skin occurs too.

What exactly is the most effective diet to start eliminating candida yeast from my body?

Reduce yeast. Yeast infections- reduce milk & milk products. Avoid sugars (refined sugar, commercial fruit juice, honey, maple syrup, sucrose & fructose). Eliminate refined carbohydrates from diet. Increase garlic intake.

Why do people get oral candida yeast?

Various reasons. The most common reason people get oral candidiasis or thrush is taking antibiotics which kill off the bacteria that compete with the yeast and thus overgrowth occurs. Thrush also occurs in some women who take birth control pills, in immunosupressed cancer patients on chemotherapy and in aids patients.

Best way to consume garlic to kill candida yeast? Any tips?

As food to enjoy. 'Systemic candida' is a pop diagnosis that the vast majority of scientific physicians believe is a scam or at least a popular fad delusion. You'll be offered innumerable ways of managing it, but nobody's ever cured. If you just have a mucosal or skin infection with candida, use a simple topical Rx to manage it. Garlic does have real medical uses -- a scientific holist can advise you.

Are there other types of yeast besides candida? If so, would microscope exam show specific yeast type? Trouble getting correct diagnosis.

Non-candida yeast. There are other yeasts aside from candida, e.g. Torulopsis and others, but various types of candida are far and away the main causes of genital yeast infections. They all look the same under the microscope. If that test shows yeast of any kind, probably it is candida; it doesn't sound like trouble making the correc diagnosis. Standard treatment should work. Discuss with your doctor.