Can I get diazepam with dentist prescription?

Yes. Benzodiazipine drugs like diazepam (valium) are well within the scope of the dental practice and are used to help with mild dental anxiety prior to a dental procedure. It is probably one of the most frequently prescribed medications by a dentist other than antibiotics and analgesics. Dentists and physicians usually prescribe them in very limited amounts since they can be abused.
Most likely. Drug laws can vary from state to state. Here in new jersey it is well within the scope of dental practice and has helped many patient with the fear of dental tretment.
Probably not. Most dentists do not prescribe benzodiazipine drugs like valium, so they probably won't give it. They do prescribe antibiotics and pain meds more regularly. Benzos are outside their practice. They will likely ask you to contact your md-as it should be. Only 1 doc should be prescribing controlled substances, that have the potential for abuse, or addiction.