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My son 12 months old who had history of febrile seizure presented with fever, doctor advices to give diazepam 2 mgalong with febrinil, is it safe?

Yes. Febrile seizures are generally a harmless event, even though they are very scary. There are not many things that can prevent them and because they are generally brief they do not need treatment. Sometimes if a febrile seizure is particularly long or happen frequently diazepam can help. It will make your child sleepy but otherwise has no side effects.
Febrile seizures. The seizures usually arise from rapid rise in temperature. If your young child is not acting right and he becomes feverish, give either tylenol (acetaminophen) or Ibuprofen and place him in a warm bath. By using this approach you may sometimes be able to abort a seizure.

How do you administer diastat (diazepam) for seizures?

See below: Go to this site for pdf instructions: https://www. Seizures. Com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/diastat. Pdf.

I was on 5mg of diazepam I've been off completly for 5 days today and been anxious and insomniac. Could this dose withdrawal cause death or seizure?

Not likely. Unless you are predisposed to seizure this is a low dose that should not result in seizure but if you feel worsening symptoms go to doctor right away.
Not so likely. At this point, the risk of becoming dependent on this addictive class of meds is clear; if you are taking this meds without your dr approval. In most cases, such dose and period of time do not constitute a high risk of seizures or death for withdrawal really. Try to avoid dependency on benzodiazepines.
Mild withdrawal. You can certainly have mild withdrawal symptoms from valium 5mg, if you had been taking it regularly. It's long-acting -- meaning it will take longer to completely eliminate from your body than other, shorter-acting benzos would take. Withdrawal symptoms start later & may last longer too. Seizures & death are not likely from this dose, though. Be safe -- tell your doctor about this.

How can I get a diazepam prescrip bcoz I dont like lorazepam effect on me, it drains my energy n dulls me. I have bad anxiety n seizure with spasms..

Depressant. Valium is an effective medication for short term anxiety relief and an effective rescue medication for seizures, but was not designed to be used long term for either medical condition. Which antidepressants have you used that have worsened your seizure condition? Medications like Lamictal, Depakote, Topamax, and Keppra (levetiracetam) are indicated for seizure disorders but are also used for mood disorders.

3 y.O has grand mal seizure once monthly since sept. 2012 avg. Total length 10 minutes & at 3 minutes I admin. Rectal diazepam. Should I medicate daily?

Not unless instructe. Your child needs to be assessed by a neurologist. Never use any seizure medication in a way that was not prescribed by someone who specializes in seizure disorders. He may in fact need a daily medication, but which one and what dose varies by seizure type and cause, and you can make some seizures worse with the wrong medication.