What are infiltrates on a chest x-ray?

Non specific. Infiltrate is a non-specific term. It just means that something is is within the normally air-filled air spaces of the lung. It can be infectious (most common in symptomatic patient) or inflammatory. Bleeding can appear as an infiltrate. Also, some cancers can appear more as an infiltrate than a mass. Either way, you should follow up with your doctor.
Nonspecific term. The term infiltrates usually means density in lungs which can represent infection like seen in pneumonia. Sometimes is volume loss or atelectasis that can be seen with mucus plugging and asthma. Some times a tumor can mimic an infiltrative process.
A clouding. of the lung tissue from fluid or swelling of the air spaces of the lung. Infection is the most common cause but can be from inflammation, bleeding, a cancer .r...... so follow up with your doctor.

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