Can I take clozapine and Abilify (aripiprazole) together safely?

Talk to your doctor. Ability (aripiprazole) is a 2nd generation antipsychotic that is indicated (approved) for use in schizophrenia & bipolar disorder as well as an adjunct in major depression. Clozapine is also a 2nd generation antipsychotic w/limited approval due to a significantly greater side effect risk. Very rarely are two medications in same class used concomitantly, and then usually only by specialists.

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Can I take two pills aripiprazole instead of one pill clozapine and one aripiprazole to cope with the symptms?

Possibly. Balancing medications is not always easy. To do so well one must know the medications and the medical condition of the patient. The doctor who is prescribing these medications is in the best position to discuss this with you in a knowing manner. Please contact him/her. Read more...