Why is clofibrate contraindicated in patients with renal failure?

Clofibrate. Clofibrate is a lipd lowering drug that is metabollized in the liver. Those metabolites are excreted in the kidney. When renal failure/insufficiency happens, the drug itself as well as its metabolites build up in the blood. High concentrations of these metabolites can lead to serious side effects including death. So, don't take Clofibrate if you have renal disease.

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Why is chlordiazepoxides, diazepam, clofibrate, barbiturates contraindicated in renal failure?

Impaired elimination. All drugs that are taken are eventually metabolized and eliminated from the body. Although liver enzymes perform the bulk of metabolizing of these agents, elimination of the drug and their metabolites relies, to varying degrees, on the kidney. If the kidneys are failing, elimination is impaired, and a toxic buildup of the drug and/or its metabolites is possible. Read more...