What causes halitosis?

Anaerobic bacteria. Bad breath is caused by billions of bacteria in your mouth, the same bacteria also may cause gum desease. The reason it smells is bacause those bacteria produce gases and other waste in your mouth, and when you exhale, people around you may smell this very characteristic smell.
Many things. First, gum disease can create bad breath due to bacterial infections resulting in accumulations of debris, plaque, and tartar. Another source of bad breath is from your diet. If you have a diet with much garlic, onion, and other spices regularly, it can "repeat". In addition, if you have not cleaned your tongue a lot of food debris and bacteria can stick to your tongue and cause bad breath.
Bacteria. Halitosis or "bad breath" is a condition that may be due to a variety of causes. Sometimes it is related to poor oral hygiene and an accumulation of bacteria around the teeth and on the tongue. These bacteria produce byproducts of metabolism that cause the odors. However halitosis may also be a result of a systemic disease. It is best to see your dentist to correctly determine the origin.

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What bacteria cause halitosis?

Many. There are several strains of bacteria (check out the web) that can cause halitosis/bad breath.) Halitosis is common is usually caused by an accumulation of bacteria in the mouth as a result of gum disease, food, or plaque. Some people are more prone to have halitosis, regardless of how well they clean. Do your best, and brush the tongue too. Read more...
Only 1 good solution. I have been treating bad breath patients for over 30 years. The main goal here is to completely eliminate odor producing bacteria , unfortunately brushing and flossing an mouthwash does not provide long lasting effect, due to a fact that it only mechanically removes very small fraction of bacteria from your mouth. We have been utilizing full mouth detox and other methods and can achieve 98% succes. Read more...