Inner thigh at underwear line I have a large blood blister thing that's been there 4 a year. Seems 2 get infected an will bleed. Embarrassed 2 go 2 doc?

Be not afraid! Do not be embarrassed as you need to have it looked at to get it properly diagnosed and treated. These types of things are very common and seen often, the Dr. is used to it and it is part of our jobs to see these thing and then we can help people. Get it checked as it has been a year already. Good luck!
Docs r professionals. It sounds like you have a cherry hemangioma or other benign lesion there that is getting traumatized. If it bothers you, u should see a doc for help-- a dermatologist can freeze it off for example. Maybe it's worth finding a woman doc if you're uncomfortable with a man. We all took the Hippocratic oath however & many of us deal with private issues daily - so u don't have to feel bad.We want 2 help.