what's the best way to treat cold sores?

Early Treatment Best. Cold sore usually caused by herpes simplex virus. And not many antivirus meds around. One is valtrex (valacyclovir). This will help to cut down days of the infection. But it is better taken early before the break out, when you begin to feel tingling or soreness usually at the corner of the lip. The viruses usually "hide" in your trigeminal ganglion of your lower jaw nerve and break out when immune system is down.
Wait. Wait a week or use something to chemkically burn them up.
Besides antivirals, A lot of people with recurrent h. Simplex cold sores have obvious triggers that bring it on. As an example, sun burn. If that is the case, using a sun screen will clearly prevent an outbreak.
Laser. The use of a laser like the biolase md laser can immediately reduce the pain and heal the cold sore quickly.
Oral antiviral drugs. Oral antiviral drugs, such as Acyclovir and several others, are effective in preventing outbreaks of cold sores, decreasing the severity of sores, and shortening the healing time of sores. Topical lip balms with anti-viral abilities can help, but not as much as the oral medications do.