Can I take ceftriaxone if I have ear infection?

Yes. This is not typically a first line drug and must be injected, though.
Yes. Ceftriaxone is one of the antibiotics of choice for the treatment of ear infections, when first-line drugs have failed or the person (usually a child) is unable to tolerate an antibiotic by mouth. This antibiotic is only administered intramuscularly or intravenously.

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1yo have symptoms on 4/4 for bilat tubes. Just finished 3 days of rocephin (ceftriaxone) injects. How do we keep from getting another ear infection w/ fever before then?

Avoid colds. Do your best to keep him away from sick kids. Most ear infections are caused by colds. April 4th isn't too far from now, and it wouldn't be that unusual to keep him on another course of Augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) 600mg/5ml at 90mg per kg until then, or omnicef. Call your surgeon.

Will Rocephin shots cure my 15 month old of a double ear infection and pneumonia?

Rocephin. Rocephin (Ceftriaxone) usually covers most bacteria causing pneumonia and otitis in 15 month old as long as the duration of the treatment is adequate. For an ear infection from 1-3 days but for pneumonia it is usually a 10 day course (might be changed to oral after discharge).
Maybe. Rocephin shots are a backup treatment for otitis when traditional meds are not tolerated by mouth or a persistent otitis has failed several rounds of oral therapy. Success will depend on the resistance pattern of the germ. The shots can give a higher concentration of med, but if the germ (s) involved are resistant, it would still fail. The same goes for the pneumonia.

I have an inner and outer ear infection. I received a rocephin shot yesterday and ciproflaxacin drops. Ear is very swollen. When will this go down?

Few days. Infection is causing the swelling and inflammation. It will take a few days for the infection to be eradicated and the swelling will resolve.