Can women have zerona laser treatments if they have implants?

Zerpna with Implants. It is fine to have zerona laser fat reduction with breast implants. The laser does not penetrate deep enough to cause harm to the implants. The zerona doctor should avoid the breast area, however, so you do not lose fat over the breasts. Instead, aim for the areas of concern. Make sure the physician doing the procedure has significant experience with it.
Deeply penetrating. If the claims of the company are true and that it does penetrate through the skin (which I find difficult to believe), then there may actually be some concern.

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Could women have zerona laser treatments if they have breast implants?

Yes but why waste $. I have yet to see convincing data demonstrating significant results from zerona. I would highly recommend getting on a treadmill 40 minutes a day and a calorie restricted diet and 64 ounces of water every day. This by the way is also recommended by the company, to the best of my knowledge, and is likely responsible for the weight loss they clam is due to the machine.

Can women have zerona laser treatments if breast implants?

Yes. Zerona is designed to target fat at certain depth beneath the skin. Unless you are very thin skinned, breast implants are placed beneath this fat layer. So I would not be overly worried about it. However, I do not think zerona has been around long enough to really know the answer to that question.
Yes but why? In my opinion you are better to try diet and exercise alone (which is required anyway for zerona to be effective).
Should not affect. Zerona should not affect breast implants. For me, I'm not sure what zerona really does for fat reduction, but that is a topic for another thread. I do not see how zerona could affect a patient's breast implants but you should ask this question to the doctor who is offering you zerona.

Can women have zerona laser treatment if they have breast implants?

Possible: Y waste $? In my opinion the zerona is not likely to privide you with sufficient benefits to justify the cost. I would advise you consider a supervised weight loss plan which is probably the most important component of the zerona treatment. They excused patients from their success stories if they do not diet and exercise as part of the treatment. Enroll in weight watchers or jenny craig. Good luck, .
Not prohibited. There is no evidence that breast implants interfere with or are affected by zerona. The problem is, in my opinion, zerona has not proven itself to be a worthwhile investment, so I would suggest you discuss your options with a board certified plastic surgeon before making that choice.
Yes but why? In my opinion zerona is a waste of your cash-o-la.
Yes. But you're better off using your money on some massages... At least they feel good and you'll get the same result.