After reading symptoms, I think I may have Proctalgia fugax. I've had occasional bright red blood when passing a bowel movement too. Concerned?

Need EVAL. Blood from the rectum/in stool is NEVER normal. Get an eval asap with a GI dr. Best wishes.
See your doctor. Proctalgia fugax is idiopathic rectal or anal pain without underlying pathology. Any other cause would need to be ruled out, especially in light of your recent bleeding, which could indicate a different diagnosis. Good luck. .

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Can proctalgia fugax be the reason for painful bowel movements? Pain is not severe and doesn't last long.

Probably not. Proctalgia is a spasm of the muscles around the rectum. Generally it is like any muscle cramp (leg, foot) - spontaneous and without any precipitating reason. Pain with a bowel movement is more likely from anal irritation at the rectal orifice. Any more specifics requires a bit of detective work with a good history of when, what makes it better, worse, etc. Read more...